KANOPY25 checks in real time the weight of your plant. This allows it to know the amount of water that has been lost by evapotranspiration. Measuring the weight makes the device more reliable and more efficient than the traditional humidity sensors because the results are not depending on the type of plant or the type of soil. The lost of water is directly linked to the loss of weight. The next time you water your plant, you will be able to give exactly the quantity of water that was consumed previously.

You can see below the evolution of the weight of a plant which was watered automatically by a KANOPY25 :

Kanopy Application shows weight change of the plant

When your plant’s weight reaches the preset lower limit, the LED of the KANOPY25 turns red to inform you that the plant needs water. Anyone, at your home or at the office, will notice immediately that the plant needs to be watered. You can then simply water the plant with the help of the color changing LED. As soon as the LED turns green, it means that the plant has received the appropriate volume of water. No matter who waters your plant, you will know that it has been done following your requirement in an optimal manner. Watering the plants would even turn into a little game for children.

If you are not nearby your plant regularly, you will be informed of the watering needs by a smartphone notification in addition to the red LED.

KANOPY25 is equipped with a small pump integrated in the housing. If you wish your plant to be watered automatically, you just need to fill water in a container (E.g. a vase, a bottle), connect the tubes and accessories provided with the KANOPY25, and activate the automatic watering function (by means of the app).

As soon as the weight is under the lower limit, the water pump will start automatically and stop when the weight reaches the higher limit.

You will receive a notification when your water container is empty.

Many plants die due to a lack or excess of water. A precise and regular watering is of the utmost importance for most plants.

  • With KANOPY25, you will never forget to water your plant.
  • Plants in pots with an integrated water reserve will always be in wet soil. This is not good for the plant and can lead to rotten roots. On the contrary, KANOPY25 will ensure a recurrent watering and will also ensure a short period of dryness, which plants appreciate for blooming and for growth. You can see below a graph showing the evolution of the weight and the watering of a plant equipped with KANOPY25.
  • Watering devices that function based on humidity sensors are very inaccurate and highly influenced by the type of plant and the type of soil. Measuring the weight makes the device more reliable and more efficient than those sensors because the measurement is independent from the type of plant and the type of soil. The loss of water is directly linked to the loss of weight. Next time you water your plant, you will be able to give it exactly the volume of water that it has consumed, thereby controlling its water consumption volume and frequency.

KANOPY25 is very easy to set up. You only need to place the plant on the device and to connect your smartphone (automatic Bluetooth connection). When the soil of your plant is dry, this corresponds to the low limit. Water your plant until the soil is sufficiently damp (or according to the recommendation of your specialist), you now have the higher limit. You can now let the KANOPY25 inform you when you plant gets thirsty.

This setting is suitable for most plants, but in the passing weeks and months, you can experiment with and learn from those limits to find on your own the ideal limits for your plant… anyway, that’s what all our testers have done. 🙂

In the short and medium term, the amount of water given to and evaporated from the plant has a lot more influence on the weight than its growth or lost foliage.

The natural growth of the plant will be accounted for by our calculations on the cloud.

Moreover, as month and years go by, by looking at the weight graph of your plant, you would make the high and low limits evolve almost without noticing it. Every time you put slightly lesser or slightly more water, it will show on the graph ; and if the plant is more or less healthy, you will modify the limits accordingly. You will adapt and find the ideal limits of your plants yourself, … anyway, that’s what all our testers have done. 🙂

It is really simple. The LED of the KANOPY25 becomes red when the plant is thirsty. It turns green when the plant has enough water.

With KANOPY25, irrigation is totally controlled and there is no need for an expertise. Even your children and anyone else could water your plant in the right way.


Occasional water droplets are not an issue because KANOPY25 is IP53 certified.

The KANOPY25 available today is designed to be used indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors on a sheltered terrace. We are currently working on the conception of an IP64 KANOPY25 version which can be exposed to rain. Please contact us if you are interested in this version.

KANOPY25 is connected with SigFox. It sends the weight of the plant to our servers hourly. You can therefore check the watering variation in the app on your smartphone. And if nobody is available to water your plants, you can use the automatic watering function.

You can chose the water tank of your choice that is also best suited for your needs and those of your plants. The only challenge is to have one with a sufficient volume in order to keep the watering on-going throughout your holidays. The KANOPY app will advise you on the necessary volume according to the length of your absence.

No, KANOPY25 is fully autonomous: it does not need any plug. Thanks to its 5-month’s battery capacity (rechargeable), it can serve your plant anywhere. All you need to do is to charge the KANOPY25 with a micro-USB charger once the battery is empty (the app will inform you).

KANOPY25 does not require tedious settings, nor does it need the access code to your WiFi network. As soon as it turns on, it is automatically connected to the Internet through the SIGFOX network (specific network for the Internet Of Things). It is therefore very useful where the WiFi network is poor or void. Your plant needs sun and water. It doesn’t need WiFi and neither does the KANOPY25.

KANOPY25 is also equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity which allows direct communication when you are just a few meters away from your plant.

SIGFOX is a telecommunication operator for the Internet of Things (IoT).

It allows KANOPY25 to not only connect to the Internet automatically, from anywhere and without any setup but also to reduce drastically its energy consumption.

You can check your SigFox coverage here : www.sigfox.com/coverage


Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, KANOPY25 has a 5-month’s battery life if you do not use the automatic watering and a 2-month’s life with the automatic watering on. To charge the battery, you only need to plug a standard micro-USB charger (not included) in the KANOPY25.

Your plant is not near a power socket ? No problem ! You can charge the battery without moving your plant by using an external USB battery such as a USB Power Bank.


The total weight including the planter/pot and the plant should not exceed 40kg (88 lbs).

The diameter of the KANOPY25 being 25cm (9”27/32), we suggest using a planter/pot with a base diameter of 15 to 25 cm (5”29/32 to 9”27/32).

If you are interested in a smaller KANOPY or in a KANOPY for plants heavier than 40kg, please note that we are currently working on other KANOPY versions of different sizes. Please contact us to let us know about your interest.

Not at all, you can re-pot your plant without any issue.

As soon as you will have re-potted your plant, you will see directly in the app that the weight of your plant have suddenly increased. You will just need to increase the lower and higher limit by the same quantity as the total weight increase.

Of course. The app can manage several KANOPY25s. Each KANOPY is connected to your account. You can even manage them from different smartphones or tablets.