Your plant is healthier thanks to a monitored watering

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Avoid dehydration and excess watering

And enjoy the automatic watering

  • KANOPY25 measures your plant's weight to monitor its watering level.

  • KANOPY25 waters automatically (or helps you with its multicolor LED if you prefer to water manually).

  • KANOPY25 lets you know when and how much to water your plants, if you water manually; or it warns you when your water tank is empty, if you use the automatic watering.

Everything is included for optimal watering

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The Kanopy25, the original, for pots with a base diameter between 15 and 25cm (6″ and 10″) and with a max weight (pot + plant) of 40kg (88lbs). It includes the built-in pump and the accessories for automatic watering of your plant.



Kanopy15 is the small version of the Kanopy family. It is suitable for smaller potted plants, with a base diameter of 15cm (6") or smaller and a max weight (pot + plant) of 10kg (20lbs). It also includes the built-in pump for the automatic watering of your plant.

So much benefits in a controlled watering cycle!

There are many articles that suggest plant care givers to weigh their plants in order to measure humidity or dryness level in the soil. The bigger the plant, the better to weigh instead of using conventional humidity sensors.

Find out on how you can have a healthier and a happier plant with the right watering methods.