KANOPY25 monitors the weight of your potted plant. It knows the amount of water that has been lost by evapotranspiration, which is directly linked to the loss of weight. The next time you water your plant, you will be able to give exactly the quantity of water that was consumed previously.

Automatic watering

KANOPY25 is equipped with a small pump built into the housing. For your plant to be watered automatically, you just need to fill a container of water, connect the pipes and accessories provided with the KANOPY25, and activate the automatic watering function within the app. App is currently available only on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone).

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  • For pots with a base diameter between 15 and 25cm (6″ and 10″)
  • Maximal weight pot + plant: 40kg (88lbs)


  • Integrated battery (5000mAh).
  • 5 months battery life without using automatic watering, 2 months if using automatic watering. (Varies according to usage and plant’s needs)
  • Rechargeable with USB charger (standard micro usb not included).


  • 1 multicolor LED.
  • Display the water level when you water the plant or when you lightly shake it.
  • LED intensity is adjustable.

Pump / Automatic watering

  • Built-in pump with a water inlet and a water outlet.
  • You choose any water tank and use the provided pipes and accessories to connect the tank to Kanopy25 and Kanopy25 to the plant.
  • The automatic watering turns off automatically (and you are notified) if your tank is empty or if there is any issue with the watering.


Long range connection via SigFox (new universal network dedicated to connected devices / The Internet Of Things):
(Check the SigFox coverage in your region: www.sigfox.com/coverage)

  • Your Kanopy25 is automatically connected when you open the box.
  • No configuration needed.
  • No need to be within your WiFi coverage.
  • Your app automatically receives the weight data from your plant.
  • Need the screw-in antenna (included in the box) for the SigFox connection.

Short range connection via Bluetooth :

  • To change the upper and lower watering limits of your plant.
  • To adjust the intensity of the LED.
  • To enable / disable automatic watering.

Smartphone app

  • Access the weight graphic of your plant.
  • Be notified when your plant is thirsty.
  • Manage multiple Kanopy25s and multiple plants.
  • Adjust the lower and upper watering limits.
  • Adjust the intensity of the LED.
  • Enable / disable automatic watering.
  • Free app (iOS only. Android coming soon).

Included in the box

  • The Kanopy25.
  • 1m (3ft) of pipe. Use from the tank to the Kanopy25 and from the Kanopy25 to the pot.
  • A 60cm water diffuser to put at the end of the pipe and water regularly around the plant.
  • A stake to attach the pipe and fix it in the soil.
  • A little porous stone to put at the end of the pipe in your tank. It helps filtering the water and keeping the pipe at the bottom of your tank.
  • Screw-in antenna for the SigFox connection.

Not included:

  • Micro USB charger + cable (Kanopy25 is compatible with any standard Micro USB charger).